Grodan supplies innovative, sustainable stone wool growing media for the professional greenhouse vegetable industry, state-licensed and state-legal medical marijuana cultivators in North America and home hobbyists based on Precision Growing principles. These solutions are used around the world in the cultivation of cannabis, vegetables and flowers.

We are passionate about Precision Growing and have worked with customers including cannabis growers and vegetable growers for over 50 years helping them
to do more, using less. We provide expert advice and tools to support Precision Growing, facilitating sustainable production, excellent crop quality and improved yields.

Celebrating over 130 years of textile innovation, Svensson is the pioneer and world leader in greenhouse climate control and energy efficiency through textile-based solutions. As a fourth generation family-owned company, cultivation is in our DNA. Our cutting edge climate screen solutions control humidity, temperature and light, transforming and improving cultivation conditions in professional greenhouses all over the world.
Your growing operation requires a centrally integrated controller that is designed to understand plant growth. Priva delivers the most advanced anticipatory controllers for horticulture that have been developed with over 60 years of plant knowledge and experience.

Total integration of water, climate, and energy management ensures that you have complete control over all of your environment for precision growing.

With more than 132 years of lighting and technology experience, Signify and Philips Horticulture LED lighting is the world leader in lighting. In horticulture, Philips brand lighting products – both conventional and LED – are used by more growers around the world than any other brand. And for more than 16 years, the Philips horticulture LED team has led the way in horticulture by focusing on science-based research to help growers optimize crop production under Philips LED grow lights. As a result of our research, we have developed hundreds of customized light recipes, specifically tailored for growers of young plants, potted plants, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce, leafy greens, and cannabis. These light recipes offer benefits that include improved yields, better crop quality, faster production, and higher energy efficiency.