ACT – Advancing Cultivation Technology

Looking to supercharge your cultivation strategy? Expanding your production to large commercial scale? ACT is a full-day educational summit for growers, owners and investors, focusing on using proven commercial-scale technologies to maximize quality and yield while improving operational efficiency and lowering costs.

ACT features leading horticultural industry experts, consultants and cultivators, who will demonstrate best practices and share their experiences implementing advanced cultivation technologies. Take advantage of presentations sharing years of commercial experience, a lively roundtable discussion featuring the day’s hot topics, and the unique opportunity to speak directly to the experts at a post-summit reception. Are you ready take your grow to the next level?

Efficient Harvests: Unlocking Rebate Opportunities for Michigan Growers

August 14, 2024

This in-person event is hosted by the ACT Group

Come join us for a hands-on workshop, “Efficient Harvests: Unleashing Energy Rebate Opportunities,” aimed at empowering greenhouse growers in Michigan to boost their profits while embracing eco-friendly methods. This interactive gathering brings together top-notch professionals and industry experts to delve into the newest trends in energy-efficient practices, rebate offerings, and innovative solutions that help growers save money.

Don’t let this chance slip away to learn all about seizing Michigan rebates and maximizing your savings. Whether you’re thinking about switching from energy-guzzling HPS lights to efficient LEDs, installing climate screens to save on energy, or upgrading your climate control technology, now’s the perfect time to dive in.

Our lineup of esteemed speakers includes representatives from Consumers Energy and SEMCO, renowned for their expertise in incentive programs and greenhouse efficiency. Plus, leading innovators like Philips Horticulture LED Solutions, Priva, and Svensson will be on hand to share their wisdom and showcase groundbreaking technologies set to transform greenhouse operations.

Quebec Grower Summit

September 23, 2024

This in-person event is hosted by the ACT Group.

The ACT Group invites you to join us for our 2nd Quebec Grower Summit to be held of September 23 in St. Hyacinthe. More details to come!

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