ACT – Advancing Cultivation Technology

Looking to supercharge your cultivation strategy? Expanding your production to large commercial scale? ACT is a full-day educational summit for growers, owners and investors, focusing on using proven commercial-scale technologies to maximize quality and yield while improving operational efficiency and lowering costs.

ACT features leading horticultural industry experts, consultants and cultivators, who will demonstrate best practices and share their experiences implementing advanced cultivation technologies. Take advantage of presentations sharing years of commercial experience, a lively roundtable discussion featuring the day’s hot topics, and the unique opportunity to speak directly to the experts at a post-summit reception. Are you ready take your grow to the next level?

Leamington Grower Summit

Growing Beyond Limits: Plant Health, Crop Diversity, and Energy Optimization

March 6, 2024

The greenhouse food production sector is undergoing rapid evolution, playing a vital role in sustaining the world’s expanding population. Given the rising demand for fresh, locally sourced produce and the imperative to mitigate agriculture’s environmental impact, embracing innovative approaches becomes paramount. Growers can propel their operations forward by prioritizing enhancements in plant health and quality, broadening crop varieties, and optimizing energy consumption.

The ACT Group is set to host the 2nd Leamington Grower Summit, a half-day, in-person, complimentary educational event designed to offer strategies for enhancing the operational excellence of greenhouses while concurrently improving cost-effectiveness. This event will delve into crucial industry topics through real-world case studies, data and research presentations, and the dissemination of the latest innovations available to growers.

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