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ACT Summit 2017

In November 2017 the inaugural ACT (Advancing Cannabis Cultivation Technology) Summit debuted in Las Vegas, Nevada, with industry partners coming together to provide a full day of education aimed at helping grows scale up to high tech cultivation facilities.
Cannabis industry experts, including keynote speakers Scott Reach of Rare Dankness and Jody Vukas of Smart Grow Pros, spoke to a sold-out group of growers, owners and investors about implementing advanced cannabis cultivation technologies and shared their experiences and best practices to help attendees optimize operations and yields.
Don’t miss our 2018 ACT Summit taking place November 13th at The Hard Rock Café Las Vegas. Limited seats are available. Full day access, including drinks, lunch and networking reception only $299.
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2017 Agenda

Network and engage with industry peers – coffee and bagels will be served.

Opening Remarks from Chris Day, Marketing Director of  MJBizCon!

Hindsight 4/20:

Constructive advice for those considering automation and technology based grow systems. Practical application of technology for cultivation of cannabis, real world data, not theory.

  • Choosing the companies to work with…
  • Design for your needs, there are no “one fit” blueprints…
  • Construction expectations
  • Automation focuses employees on the plants, not the process.
  • Testing phase vs reality
  • Adapting /evolving is the key to survival
  • What would I have done differently?

Light matters: An overview of current and upcoming lighting technology, best lighting practices to increase your bottom line.

Theo Tekstra will discuss the challenges you face when selecting a lighting installation for your facilities. He will bring you up to speed with current developments in lighting technology, the effect of your investment in lighting on your profitability, and best practices in lighting design.

On the agenda are technologies such as HPS, LED, plasma and CMH, the current hot topics in lighting discussion, but also the effect of lighting and spectrum on the value of your crop.

Coffee and refreshments will be served.

Integrated controls for creating an optimal environment to put the plant in balance with minimal impact on resources

Not all climate control and water systems are created equal or are capable of handling precision crops. John van der Wilk will educate you about precision controls and water management and why they are so essential when growing cannabis in either indoor or greenhouse operations.

The following important topics will be covered:

  • Integrated controls for creating an optimal environment to put the plant in balance with minimal impact on resources
  • Balancing growing strategies and mechanical infrastructure to ensure consistency, yield, quality and precision
  • Energy strategy for balanced energy flows
  • Economical and responsible water management

Serving up the classics. Hard Rock Café is world renown for fresh, handmade, classic American cooking. Enjoy a compilation of the best of Hard Rock, while engaging with industry friends and peers.

Growing Efficiently Through Technology

As the cannabis space continues to expand into new markets, the ever-looming price volatility will surely follow, and in some cases, is already here. Efficiency in a grow facility can be the saving grace when prices fall. Jody will give an overview of designing and building a
highly efficient indoor grow facility that will deliver a lower cost of goods and provide consistent, high quality harvests year around.
Key topics that will be discussed:

  • Floorplans and work flow
  • Energy recovery
  • Co-power generation
  • Mechanical systems
  • Environmental controls
  • Self sustainability
  • Automation
The Bright Side of the Dark Side

Let there be dark. A look at the latest light-dep technologies and practices for a wholly optimized greenhouse climate.

Rob will dive deep into light dep, discussing how to create the perfect darkness for the most light-sensitive plants. From tweaking humidity to achieving the perfect 12 hour day its the details that make all the difference. Rob will highlight the key light-dep considerations that will help you avoid putting your climate – and eventually your bottom line – at risk.

Coffee and refreshments will be served.

Steering Crops for Greater Yields

Phil will share advanced techniques to get the most out of your growing media for mid tech and high tech growing operations. Learn how to achieve great yields and excellent quality by steering cannabis crops using all the elements of growing media and irrigation strategies in combination with the climate, lighting and shade.

Topics include:

  • Advantages of media for each technology level of growing
  • Methods to steer cannabis crops to increase quality and yield
  • Incorporating the proven integrated strategies used in large scale commercial operations

The discussion is turned over to you. Ask questions of the entire panel and get answers important to your facility and operations.

Final remarks and instructions for the evening reception.

Meet the speakers, further engage with industry leaders, and enjoy! Premium bar and tray passed hors d’oeuvres will be served to close the day.

2017 Speaker Bios

Scott Reach
Scott Reach
Scott Reach is the founder and COO of RD Industries, an award winning breeder for Rare Dankness (one of the most well-known brands in cannabis) and the owner and operator of a 54,000-square-foot cultivation facility/dispensary in Denver called House of Dankness. Rare Dankness strains are grown and traded worldwide thanks to international seed banks. Reach has consulted on hundreds of grows over the last five years and countless more before that. His Denver facility is one of the most high-tech, automated cannabis cultivation sites in the world. The new House of Dankness dispensary opened in December in Denver and has rewritten the boutique dispensary experience.
Jody Vukas
Jody Vukas
Jody Vukas is the Design & Operational Specialist behind the Denver based company, Smart Grow Pros. Jody has been in the cannabis space for the last 15 years, 8 of which have been in the regulatory space in Colorado. Jody also works with clients in several legalized states and Canada where he and SGP are designing and building highly efficient grow facilities which include heat and CO2 recapture.
Robert Hanifin
Robert Hanifin
Robert Hanifin is a climate consultant at Ludvig Svensson’s American subsidiary. Rob earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Environmental Science from Dickinson College and has a strong background in Agriculture Research and Development. His past experience includes perennial field crop R&D and greenhouse-based Agricultural Biotechnology R&D. His field and greenhouse trial concentrations span from academia to government institutions, and the private sector.
Phil Johnson
Phil Johnson
Phil has a BSC Honours Degree in Horticulture from Pershore College in the UK, where he specialized in glasshouse crop production. Following his degree, Phil worked as a Grower Manager for Humber VHB for 7 years before joining GRODAN as a Technical Advisor and Business Manager in 2003. He is also an international presenter at Horticultural conferences.
Theo Tekstra
Theo Tekstra
Theo Tekstra is the Product Marketing Manager of Gavita International, and is also responsible for the Gavita educational programs. He writes for several magazines, is a speaker on horticultural events and is regarded an authority in the field of horticultural lighting. Theo is involved in product innovation, research and has a background in electronics and high-tech product marketing.
John van der Wilk
John van der Wilk
John van der Wilk has been in the Horticulture industry for 32 years and with Priva for 20 years. Currently, John is the Vice President of Business Development for Priva where he leverages his passion for strategic innovation to support and grow his customers’ businesses. John works globally to develop key partnerships that strengthen new opportunities.